UZIN RR 185 Premium Plus - Flexible Loose Laid Membrane

Uncoupling Sheet Moisture Mitigation Membrane

UZIN RR 185 loose laid sheet membrane is the ideal choice for fast, easy installation of various finish floor coverings. Unlike traditional liquid applied membranes, UZIN RR 185 does not require a mechanically profiled porous concrete substrate prior to its installation. With 100 % RH resistance, it can receive PVC floor coverings in a greatly reduced time to that of wet applied mitigation products. This uncoupling sheet can be applied over contaminated and mixed substrates, making it perfect for both refurbishment and preservation projects. Existing substrates / coverings can easily be overlaidwith new floor finishes, their subsequent replacement requiring mimimal effort or disruption.


  • Interior and exterior use
  • Use over concrete substrates up to 100% RH
  • Use over all adequately sound and level surfaces
  • PVC sheet, PVC carpet tile, and PVC LVT floor coverings
  • Use with the UZIN BalkuSlim Tile & Stone Deck Installation System 
  • Use over old and new surface finishes such as PVC and cushioned vinyl, linoleum, parquet, stone and ceramic flooring with grout lines not to exceed 5/32" (4 mm), coatings, etc.
  • Use over surfaces unfit for direct installation (oil contamination) where damaging interaction between subfloor and covering must be avoided
  • Use over subfloors that need to be reinstated at a later date, eliminating damage to overlaid coverings
  • Residential and commercial applications 


  • Multiple applications • Accepts various PVC floor finishes
  • No requirement to profile concrete subfloors • Floating product, unlike wet applied mitigation
  • Ideal for renovation projects • Existing floor coverings can easily be covered
  • Perfect for preservation projects • Covered floors can be reinstated damage free
  • Resistant to contaminants • Costly demolition can be avoided
  • Easy to cut and position • Reduced install time allows cost savings
  • Minimal thickness • Surrounding floor transitions can easily be met
  • Provides flat and level surface • Ideal for use with UZIN adhesives (KR 430, KE 2000 S, & TR 400)
  • Easy to remove • Flooring replacement can be made same day
  • No tape required at seams • Reduced possibility of seams telegraphing

Technical data


Sheet in rolls


min. 24 months




538 ft² (50 m²)

Roll width

6.56 ft (2.0 m)

Roll length

82 ft (25 m)

Roll weight

approx. 137.8 lb (62.5 kg)

Area weight

approx. 0.26 lb/ft² (1.25 kg/m²)


approx. 1/16" (1.5 mm)

Minimum application temperature

60 °F (15 °C) at floor level


82 ft (25 m)


6.56 ft (2.0 m)

Ordering information

Article Packsize Shipping unit
UZIN RR 185 9378 6.56’ x 82’ roll
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