UZIN BST 150 Premium Pro Accessory - Butyl Sealant Tape

Self-adhesive joint and seam detailing tape

A 6" (150mm) wide "peel & stick" butyl sealant tape for all types of waterproof seam and flashing terminations.   For corners, seams, covings, flashings, posts and curbs in interior and exterior conditions.  Is the primary seam detail tape for the UZIN Balkuslim® System.  


  • Smooth, sealed surfaces such as screeds, concrete, pre-cast concrete
  • Smooth, flat renders and gypsum-based surfaces
  • UZIN RR 185
  • Wood, plastic, PVC, ABS, metal, ceramic, FRP
  • Normal construction surfaces that will accept adhesive
  • UZIN leveling, patching, priming and waterproofing products where required


  • Self-adhesive, double “peel & stick” for easy placement on vertical and horizontal surfaces
  • Plasticizer migration resistant
  • Self-sealing on overlapped joints
  • Waterproof
  • Excellent flex and stretch capabilities
  • Resistant to heat and frost
  • High adhesive strength and tear-resistance

Technical data

* At 23°C / 73°F and 50% rel. humidity. Breaking strain: 25%

4 rolls per carton; 6" x 82' (150mm x 25m) roll size; 30mils (0.75mm) thickness


Light green


6” x 82’ (150mm x 25m)


30mils (0.75mm)

Thermal resistance

Resistance to cold - unlimited when fixed in place


approx. 8 days after bonding*

Ordering information

Packsize Shipping unit
16932 6" x 82' (150mm x 25m) roll size; 30mils (0.75mm) thickness
Box :
Pallet :

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