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Practically all reaction resins, such as polyurethanes and epoxy resins, are hazardous substances. Unlike solvent-based products, however, solvent-free reaction resin products can generally be processed with perfectly normal ventilation in the work rooms without exceeding the air threshold limit, based on today’s level of knowledge. It is true that reaction resin components can cause sensitisation or allergies in particularly sensitive people if carelessly handled. This is true of both components in epoxy resins, and only true of hardener components in polyurethanes. Skin and eye contact with fluid reaction resins that have not yet cured should thus be avoided, and the information on work safety and suitable personal protective equipment in the safety data sheet should be observed. Processing epoxy resins and polyurethane products requires wearing protective gloves and impermeable sealed goggles at the very least, and in special cases, additional protective clothing may be required as well. Using skin protection cream is also advisable to supplement protection of the skin.

With respect to work safety, silane-based reaction resin products that require less or even no labelling constitute a user-friendly alternative. These products carry the GISCODE RS 10.

Separate from our labelling, this applies to all reaction resin products as a matter of principle: Reaction resins are completely harmless in their dried condition, and then they even meet the EMICODE EC 1 or EC 1 PLUS classification in many cases. This means that once they have cured, they release practically no relevant amounts of volatile (harmful) substances into the room air, and can thus be used in living areas with no risk at all.

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Primer Adhesion to Metal Chart for UZIN PE 414 and PE 460



That’s the estimated cost that the flooring industry pays every year for moisture and pH related flooring failures. At Uzin, we would like to be a partner with you in helping to reduce that dollar amount. Our Moisture Mitigation System offers you not only peace of mind, but also a lifetime warranty against moisture vapor related failures when properly installed.*

Look for the UZIN Moisture Mitigation System icon next to these innovative products:
• UZIN PE 460 Moisture Vapor Retarder
• UZIN PE 280 Super-Fast Primer
• UZIN NC 170 Leveling Compound

*Subject to certain requirements.

Define the Flow Spread of UZIN Self-Leveling Compounds


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