UZIN RR 203 Premium Accessory - Substrate Crack Bridging Material

Fiberglass crack reinforcement panels

UZIN RR 203 bridges and reinforces cracks and floor joints while accommodating slight vibrations in substrates through the tensile strength of its alkaline-resistant fiberglass strands. UZIN RR 201 Substrate Reinforcing Mesh may be used in conjunction with UZIN RR 203 as a composite system for floor areas in need of renovation. Reinforces UZIN self-leveling compounds and provides a strong smooth substrate for floor coverings. A minimum of 1/4" (6 mm) UZIN self-leveling compound is then applied to create a crack free, stable substrate. UZIN RR 203 can also be embedded into UZIN PE 460 reaction resin.



  • Interior use only
  • Use with UZIN NC 888, UZIN NC 182, and UZIN PE 460 reaction resin
  • Covering control joints and trenches in concrete
  • Use over joints in plywood
  • Covering joints between different types of substrates
  • Use over wood plank flooring, OSB
  • Use over existing substrates with slight vibrations
  • Use with radiant floor heating systems


  • Renovation of old concrete slabs • Prevent demolition of existing slabs
  • Extreme tensile strength • Strong reinforcing properties
  • High elasticity • Accomodates slight vibrations in substrates
  • Strong composite system • Reduced potential for telegraphing of cracks
  • No hazardous materials • Environmentally friendly

Technical data


panels (50 per carton)


panel dimensions (each): 1.97 ft. (0.60 m) x 2.62 ft. (0.80 m)
panel size (each): 5.16 sq.ft. (0.48 m²) 


up to 24 months




approx. 258 sq. ft. (24 m²) per carton

Minimum application temperature

50 °F (10 °C) at floor level

Fire reaction


Ordering information

Article Packsize Shipping unit
UZIN RR 203 79682 23.6" x 31.5" (50 sheets, 258 s/f)
Pallet :
Pack :
50 sheets / 24 m²

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