UZIN Spike Rollers Premium Accessory

Used during the application of UZIN leveling compounds

    Spike Rollers used during the application of leveling compounds.


    • Improving the flow of freshly applied leveling compounds
    • Removing air from freshly applied leveling compounds


    • Strong metal / plastic construction
    • Easy to clean


      Technical data

      Ordering information

      Article Item no. Packsize Shipping unit
      UZIN Spike Roller 13637 Width: 10", Spike Length: 1.25"
      Box :
      Piece :
      UZIN Spike Roller 13638 Width: 29", Spike Length: 1.25"
      Box :
      Piece :

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      Products and accessories

      UZIN Extension Pole

      Use with UZIN Roller Frame, Leveling Compound Rake, Gauge Rake, Spike Roller and Smoother

      UZIN NC 110

      Synthetic gypsum-based self-leveling compound

      UZIN NC 150

      High flow self-leveling compound

      UZIN NC 157

      Standard flow self-leveling compound

      UZIN NC 170

      High strength self-leveling compound

      UZIN NC 172 BI TURBO

      Extreme performance self-leveling compound

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