UZIN Epoxy Accelerator

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Epoxy accelerator for rapid curing of UZIN 2-component epoxy resin Moisture Vapor Retarders (MVR). Allows for fast track floor covering installation.


  • UZIN 2-component epoxy resin Moisture Vapor Retarders


  • Accelerates the curing time

Technical data

 * See Product Data Sheet for additional information.

Plastic bottle

Color wet / dry

Brownish / Transparent

Mixing Ratio

1 bottle per 1 gal. PE 460 , 2 bottles per 2.5 gal. PE 460

Ordering information

Item no. Packsize Shipping unit
33155 4 x 7 oz. (4 x 0.2 kg) plastic bottles (per carboard box)
4 bottles

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