UZIN U-FIXX Premium Plus - High-performance dry tape adhesive

This product is only available in select markets. Please contact your local UZIN Representative to learn more.

Dry tape adhesive for the installation of new resilient and textile floor coverings

Fast, clean, odorless, U-FIXX is an innovative double-sided dry adhesive tape ideally suited for the installation of resilient and textile floor coverings over new substrates and existing floor coverings. It has superior speed in its application compared to traditional wet lay adhesives, without odor compared to spreadable products. It does not require difficult monitoring of flash times or trowel size selection associated with wet lay adhesives, eliminating the potential for costly installation error. Following application, U-FIXX is immediately ready to receive floor coverings and foot traffic. Commercial and residential flooring installations can be made with residents in-situ, reducing the need for business closure or out of hours working. 


  • Interior use only
  • Resilient floor coverings: homogeneous sheet vinyl, PVC, CV, VCT & LVT, PVC free resilient flooring, homogeneous rubber sheet or tile
  • Textile floor coverings: tufted textile flooring with common backings* (exception of PVC backing), carpet tiles with all common backings 
  • New and existing substrates: concrete, cementitious self-leveling compounds, gypsum underlayments that meet the requirements, for compressive strength according to ASTM F2419
  • Use over underlayment grade wood substrates (per flooring manufacturer’s recommendations)
  • Use over aluminum and metal
  • Use over existing floor coverings*: well bonded, low profile, textile floor coverings, smooth PVC floor coverings, (homogeneous / heterogeneous), PVC-coated cork floor coverings, inoleum, smooth rubber coverings (without recycled content), polyolefin floor coverings (PVC free floor coverings), engineered stone, terrazzo, ceramic tiles (smooth, without noticeable difference in height)
  • Use with spray extraction cleaners (operated 24 hours after U-FIXX & floor covering installation)
  • Residential and commercial applications
  • Use with radiant floor heating systems

*See “Substrate Preparation” for additional information


  • Universal adhesive formulation • Plasticizer resistant - Install a wide range of floor coverings
  • Fast to apply • No downtime owing to flash times (unlike wet adhesives) 
  • Fast install of coverings • Immediately weld resilient goods
  • No downtime • Commercial installations can be made during business hours with employees in-situ (reduces the need for business closures or out of hours working) Immediate foot traffic suitable
  • Dry adhesive technology • Clean application – eliminates adhesive clean up (unlike wet adhesives)
  • Odorless • Use in sensitive, occupied areas (e.g., shops, schools, colleges)
  • Ultra-thin adhesive layer • Caster wheel and point-load resistance
  • Freeze/Thaw stable • Suitable for non-heated transportation (to -40°F / -40°C)

Technical data


cardboard carton






29.5" x 98.5 ft. = 242 sq. ft.
(75 cm x 30 m = 22.5 m²)


0 g/L

Ideal application temperature

68 °F ± 5 °F (17 – 23 °C)

Flash time


Working time


Ready for foot traffic

immediately after installation

Ready for covering


Minimum application temperature

60 °F (15 °C) at floor level

Thermal resistance

Transportation -40 °F (-40 °C)

Joint sealing

immediately after installation

Ordering information

Article Packsize Shipping unit
UZIN U-FIXX 89152 29.5" x 98.5 ft Roll
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