UZIN NC 144 LW Premium Pro - Lightweight Self-Leveling Compound

Cement Based Lightweight Self-Leveling Compound

Lightweight self-leveling compound for use up to 2" depth application. Excellent flow and working time properties produce level, flat surfaces with good absorbency for most floor coverings and adhesives.


This product is manufactured by request only. Contact your local UZIN Technical Sales Rep for more information.


  • Lightweight • Dry Density 67.0 ±2 lb/ft³
  • Fast setting • Walkable in 3-4 hours
  • Versatile • Applies from 1/4"-2" depth
  • Smooth surface • Improves adhesive coverage rate
  • Low stress • Ability to cover difficult substrates
  • Standard dry time • 24 hours for most floor coverings


Technical Data:

Item #: 169924

Packaging: 33 lb. (15 kg) paper bag

Storage: up to 9 months**

Water Quantity:
6.8-7 quarts per 33 lb. bag
(6.4-6.6 liters per 15 kg bag)

Color: gray

30 sq. ft. at 1/4" per 33 lb. bag*
(2.79 m² at 6 mm per 15 kg bag)*

VOC: 0 g/L

Ideal application temperature:
min. 60–77 °F (16–25 °C) at floor level

Working Time: 20 minutes*

Ready for foot traffic: 3-4 hours*

Ready for covering: see ready for covering chart

Minimum application temperature:
50 °F (10 °C) at floor level

Volume Weight:
Dry Density 67.0 ±2 lb./ft³ @ 28
days | air cured 70°F 50% RH

compressive: 3,000 psi at 28 days
flexural: 600 psi @ 28 days ASTM C1708 | air cured

*At 70 °F (21 °C) and 50 % relative humidity. Surface profile and porosity, application depth, temperature, and humidity will affect dry time and coverage.
** In original unopened packaging, when stored indoors in dry, moderate conditions between temperatures of 50F - 90F (10C - 32C).


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